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Which Industry Sectors Use Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)?

Posted by Howard Preece on Dec 20, 2018 9:59:40 AM

Which Industry Sectors Use Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

At Red Earth Systems (RES), our test solutions are used in a wide variety of industry sectors, using a mixture of bespoke and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules. In particular, it is RES' expertise with automatic test equipment (ATE) which means many project engineers get in contact with us in the first place. Sometimes, COTS solutions are ready to go for a particular ATE requirement in a certain industrial setting because similar equipment has already been designed for that purpose. Then again, some sectors are so specialised that only a fully bespoke performance verification system will do. Either way, these are the sectors that tend to rely on high-quality ATE systems the most.

Our generic LRU ATE Test System is a mainstay of the aerospace industry. It incorporates the testing and evaluation processes required by the modern avionics sector. Instrumentation and data acquisition systems based on PXI and LXI standards form the core of these ATE implementations.

Oil and Gas
Functional testing of instrumentation and monitoring equipment is very important to the petrochemicals sector where accuracy is often vital to maintain safety. ATE is used to confirm the correct operation of the temperature, pressure and stress measuring sensors used in oil extraction processes as well as in pipelines.

Few sectors have embraced automation as whole-heartedly as automotive manufacturing. We provide ATE solutions to automotive component manufacturers, particularly in the area of ECU testing.

Defence and Security
RES has developed a number of solutions for the defence and security industries, from portable systems linked by fibre-optic communications for secure data-gathering to 150kW load-banks for testing military land vehicle power systems.

ATE is now an important part of modern manufacturing processes. In order to keep their production lines running, test equipment is used at nearly every stage of a manufacturing process. Robotic systems are now used widely to augment production processes and RES has successfully implemented test solutions incorporating sophisticated use of robotic resources to operate UUT controls and check component location/marking.

To sum up, ATE is an important part of keeping the systems of many industrial sectors running reliably. Why not download our Company Brochure or, alternatively, give us a call to see how RES can help with your industry's ATE needs?

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