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An Introduction to Red Earth Systems

Posted by Howard Preece on Apr 16, 2019 7:03:00 AM


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Maybe you’ve been introduced to Red Earth Systems, or perhaps you’ve discovered us on your search for an engineering, design and manufacturing company to work with you on your next project. Read on to learn more about who we are, the work we do and who we do it for.


Introducing Red Earth Systems - Long


How Red Earth Began

It started in 1999, when an avionics interface supplier approached Howard Preece to ask if he would be interested in implementing a package of software for Smiths Industries.

Prior to this, Howard had been contracting for a number of years and the opportunity to move into the design and supply of software to major aerospace companies appealed to Howard.

The contract was awarded by Smiths to Howard and this is when Paul Lane was contacted to assist in developing and delivering the software. The two had worked with one another previously.

The project was a test system for a Eurofighter cockpit display, consisting of a production test scheduler and an interactive GUI diagnostic program.

After the success of the first job, subsequent jobs followed. Including test solutions for the Airbus A320, and Boeing B777 fuel quantity indication systems. The latter required the provision of a significant amount of hardware, such as bespoke rack systems and multiple PCs.

It became obvious that there was a market in supplying complete systems consisting of:

  • Software
  • IT hardware
  • Electronic signal conditioning
  • Interface cables
  • Fixtures to implement the test solution

In 2003, Howard and Paul formalised the partnership and Red Earth Systems Limited was born.

Specialisms Covered By Red Earth Systems

Complex systems - Design, development and integration

The engineers at Red Earth have extensive experience of developing software and hardware for application and test systems. This experience is key to developing successful solutions for present-day industry where products typically need to interface to multiple sensor and communications channels.

Automated test equipment for production, qualification and hardware/software integration

The key to ensuring the build quality of complex products is the ability to perform repeated functional testing in a consistent and controlled fashion. Our test systems give manufacturers this capability.

3D and 2D CAD

CAD is used extensively throughout our projects to design unit fixtures, enclosures of all sizes and complete rack systems.

PC and embedded software

GUIs for interactive system operation, test system executives and interface cards for non-standard signals/communications protocols are typical of the areas where our programming expertise is applied.

Industries We Work In

The clients we work with are in precision Engineering industries. Where design, testing and manufacturing is key to the performance of the technology they are developing. Including

  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Oil & Gas

The Tools, Technology & Experience

To deliver to our clients, we use tools and machinery that will work to the precision required, employ highly qualified Engineers and use the latest design software. We extensively use:

  • Autodesk Inventor 3D - CAD and sheet metal design
  • AutoCAD 3D/2D - Sheet metal and fixture design
  • Microsoft Visual Studio - Software development IDE (multiple languages)
  • Microchip MPLAB X - Embedded software IDE
  • NI Teststand - Test executive software
  • Harnware - Cable lay/construction

The Future of Red Earth Systems

The plan for Red Earth?

Robotics & Industrial Automation

There’s a growing need for the enhanced use of robotics and industrial automation in design and manufacturing. We understand this and want to bring it to our test solutions.

Product Lines

The majority of the work at Red Earth right now is bespoke to each of our client’s projects. To run alongside our project work, we will be developing product lines to run alongside project work.

New Market Sectors

Growing our business and applying our skills and knowledge, we will be looking to move into new market sectors. It’s an exciting time to be in this industry and we want to continue to serve clients needing the skills and experience we have to offer.

At Red Earth Systems, we are continually developing and growing our business. Taking the knowledge, skills and experience of the business to support existing clients to develop new tools, technologies and products. The future at Red Earth Systems grows alongside them and will continue to move forward as needs and technology changes.

Get in Touch

Do you have system requirements that you need to discuss with a high-quality, ISO9001 accredited business with 30 years of experience in the sector? Drop us a line for a chat or a quotation.


Introducing Red Earth Systems - Long


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