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Developments In Automation and Control Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Posted by Howard Preece on Mar 4, 2019 12:54:25 PM


Developments In Automation and Control Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Few industries have taken up automation and control system solutions to the degree that the automotive sector has. In fact, car makers have been in the vanguard of such technologies for decades. If you want to know about the latest developments in both control solutions and automated manufacturing techniques, then read on.

Collaborative Robotics

Robotic production lines have often been used for specialist and repetitive work. That said, robotic technologies which interface with people have often been separate from what has been used in the manufacturing sector. The latest developments will see robots which work in and around humans on production lines in an ever more collaborative manner. Some sections of production lines will be robot only.

Machine Vision Technology

Visual inspections have traditionally been the realm of human quality controllers. Meanwhile, machines have tended to carry out measurements and tests with probes. These days, more and more car makers are developing imaging-based automatic inspection systems that offer quality control solutions which are automated but offer human-like inspection regimes.

Advanced Autonomous Autos

Few can have missed the industry's drive towards a completely automated driving system which will allow motorists to sit back and relax behind the wheel. Though we are still not there, due to technological hurdles and, to some extent, regulatory restrictions, the sector continues to invest heavily in artificial intelligence systems which help drivers and assist them with greater levels of autonomy. Braking, steering, and accelerating systems are all affected by the rise in these forms of technology.

The Rise of Cognitive Computing for Cars

Otherwise known as CC, cognitive computing is another area that the automotive industry sees as crucial to its future global success. By connecting machine learning to human language processing, it is hoped that CC will benefit numerous car systems. This will be achieved by handling human-to-computer interactions with much greater subtlety than before. CC is about developing decision-making algorithms that are based on acquired knowledge while on the road.

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